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Dear TRF Customer,

John Swauger met with TRF staff this week to work on events and logistics for Summer Party 2017.  To be honest I had considered not having it this year, but I am back to work now, and Simon was a participant at Summer Party from the time he was a small child when he sometimes ran a little concession to sell hot dogs and sodas, even non-alcoholic “Frozen Dakarys” one year.  Therefore, we have decided to go ahead and have another good event.  There are still some commitments we need to get, but we are thinking of drive-in movie, tulip rallye, simple slalom autocross, seminars, mountain touring, participants’ choice car show, and the field party, of course.  The theme this year is taken from “The Red Car,” a book that many of us remember from our teenage years in which there was an event called “Artie Wister’s Road Race” which we shall take as our theme this year.

If you read “The Red Car” as a teenager as I did, that reading experience may be part of the background that finds you, many years later, reading this newsletter from a little British car company.  The passages in which Frenchy teaches Hap to drive the MG-TC kept me awake at night when I was thirteen or fourteen.  A tiny, high revving engine and the ability to choose the right gears were my goals then, though I was a farm boy a lot like Hap, but no inexpensive wrecked British cars showed up in my life till much later.  When I finally did get my own red car, a TR3B a few years later, my father’s reactions were much like those of Hap’s father in the book.  As a surprise, we are trying to get facsimile reprints of the book, which we will send out to all registrants prior to Summer Party.  If this comes off, the book will be included in the registration fee.  An online registration form may be accessed from our home page—just log on and then scroll down till you find the entry for Summer Party.  Or use the link in the headline above.

Although I set a date for Summer Party months ago, I did not provide many specifics till now.  We have a number of registrations already, but we need to know how many are coming as soon as possible.  Therefore, the registration will go up from $99.00 to $129.00 on July 7th, the Friday after the Fourth of July.  We aren’t looking to gouge you on the price, but we just need to know how many to expect.  We can have a good party with one-hundred or four-hundred guests, but we need to know how many to arrange for tents, camping facilities, dishes, food, space for the car show, etc.  I have been hoping that we would get some enthusiasts from further away this year, as The VTR Convention is being held in Princeton, New Jersey, August 16th to 19th.  That would provide an opportunity for a week of touring in Pennsylvania after Summer Party, visiting such sites as the Gettysburg Battlefields on the way from Summer Party to VTR.  Just an idea...

More on the TR250, TR6 wood dash issue discussed last week.  We found another original used TR250 dash in our archives today.  Guess what?  It is bookmatched mahogany, it has the words HAZARD and BRAKE silkscreened under the warning lamps, and the hazard switch hole is a tiny bit off center.  If anyone has an original TR250 dash or a car with one in it, I would love to see photos showing these details or differences from these details.  I am going to post a photo of the dash we found today, as it is in reasonably good shape, and it is clearly original.  If you send a photo, please include the commission number of the car if known.  I will post all of the photos I receive.  The term “bookmatched” means that there is a seam in the veneer in the center of the dash, and the grain is the same to both the left or to the right.  Of course, the grain of mahogany is not very distinctive, and TR250 mahogany dashes appear to have a flat finish rather than a glossy finish as found on TR4A.  We ordered mahogany veneer today to begin a special run of dashes for TR250.

I have featured a couple of customer project cars recently, and I received a very interesting email with photos from Russell Pierce in Georgia.  Russell and his son built a beautiful replica of the “Macau” Spitfire with advice from Kas Kastner and constant help from Ronnie Babbitt, a well-known Triumph enthusiast from the same state.  Russell tells the story first-hand in his email, and I am going to quote him rather than diluting the story by putting it into my own words.  You can see photos of the donor car and the finished project by clicking on this link.  Here is Russell Pierce’s story of the project...

Back in 2012, my dear friend, Ronnie Babbitt invited my son and I to Road Atlanta for the event known as the Mitty.  Having no prior knowledge of this, we were somewhat overwhelmed by it all.  This particular year, Triumph happened to be the marque car for the event, and Kas Kastner was the grand marshal.  Ronnie introduced my son (who wanted to study auto design) to Kas.  He was very kind and challenged my son to build a car if he really was interested in knowing how to design one.  Challenge accepted—we began to study the history of Kas’s Triumph racing career and the cars he had.  What stood out to us was this little Spitfire with cool sloping nose and rear head faring that resembled an early Jag race car.  Having no idea this car, known as “the Macau.” had such a racing history, I mentioned it to Ronnie, and he actually had photos he had taken a few years earlier.

We located a donor car on a north GA mountain trail and brought it home.  We contacted Kas about the build who was gracious enough to provide us with constant details, photos, and even information on other owners beyond himself who supplied us with valuable pictures for the build.  Ronnie stuck with us throughout the build.

When word got out about this car, Joe Alexander asked if we would bring it to the next Kastner Cup in Summit Point, West Virginia.  He also had Shawn Frank with “Spitfire & GT6 Magazine” publish progressive articles as we were building the car towards the unveil date.  Mark Field from Jigsaw Racing was kind enough to create the LeMans headlamp assemblies we needed.  We even had John Clancy on hand to capture the unveil with Kas and to interview him about the original.  What a great adventure.

This ended up being a very long newsletter, but I think we have some good stuff to read about.  This week’s new promotions include the summer edition of The TR250, TR6 Featured Model Catalogue which includes additional parts and a new section on great new TR250 fenders, available in steel or light alloy.  These fit TR4 and TR4A as well.  Pricing is just as keen in the summer edition as it was in the winter version.  The other promotion is a new issue of “Baker’s Dozen” with no repeats from the others posted so far this season.  I steered away from TR250, TR6 in this Baker’s Dozen, as these models have their own special sale catalogue this week, and you will find parts listed for all other models serviced by TRF.  I’ve also included a Weekend Shipping Deal in case you want to use your Father’s Day gift certificate.

Thanks for reading.  Please stay in touch, and “Don’t forget to buy parts...”

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
June 15, 2017

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