WEEKLONG FEATURE—Sale Catalogue Contains Fifty Mini Catalogue Sections in Random Order Listing Hundreds of Parts at Huge Price Savings—Up to 50% Off List  •  Oil Change & Tune-up  •  Fuel System  •  Drive Train  •  Suspension & Brakes  •  Electrical System  •  Interior  •  Body Seals & Fittings—Click on This Link to Access the First Weeklong Feature of 2017

MICRO CATALOGUE—“Crash Pads for Dashes and Door Tops,” TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6—Our Best Prices on High-Quality Components from Our Original Manufacturer.  Individual Components and Crash Pad Kits Are Listed to Provide the Best Values of the Year on Crash Pads—Click Here to See the Listings


•  WIRING HARNESSES—Winter 2017 Edition of the Semi-Annual Sale Includes the Lowest Prices of the Year—“A New Harness Solves a Multitude of Electrical Problems,” TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Spitfire, GT6, MGB—Special Pricing Begins Today and Lasts Two Weeks, Ending at 8:00 A.M. on Friday, March 3rd, 2017—Access the Complete Wiring Harness Catalogue by Clicking on This Link...

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TR2, TR3 GLOVE BOX COMPANION (PARTS CATALOGUE)—The Electrical Section Has Now Been Added, and All Sections Now Listed May Be Used for Ordering—Click on This Link to Browse the Catalogue, or Find the Icon for It by Scrolling Down the Home Page—Check out the new Navigation Page!

BRITISH CAR CLUB EVENTS 2017—Please Provide Information for Your Event, and TRF Will Post It—Include What, When, Where, Web Site (If Available), and Contact Information.  Send to:—Thanks for New Dates Coming in Every Week...

TRF SUMMER PARTY 2017—We Will Stick to Our Traditional Dates, August 3, 4, and 5.  Cost Will Remain the Same as Last Year at $99.00 for One Person in One Car—Other Options Will Be Available.  Price Includes Driving Events, Car Show, Field Party with Picnic Feast, Event T-shirt and Lots More.  Camping on TRF Grounds Is Available, Hotel Rooms Will Be Blocked, and Everyone Will Have Fun Driving Cars, Eating, Drinking, and Socializing on Our Beautiful Farm and All Around the County—You Know, “The Usual Thing...”  The Online Registration Form Is Posted Now, Or Print Out Our PDF Registration Form...

Dear TRF Customer,

Thank you for the large numbers of orders received this week.  It was the best week so far this year, and it is exciting to have staff members very busy picking parts from the warehouse shelves and packing them for shipping.  And, our small marketing department has worked just as hard as anyone to provide new promotions for the coming week.  We have produced the first traditional “Weeklong Feature” of the year, a random collection of catalogue sections listing popular parts at amazing prices.  And, we are offering a new Web Site Special on Wiring Harnesses—The Catalogue Posted is a very complete list for all models except TR7 and TR8.  This is one of two times in every year when we offer the best possible prices on Wiring Harnesses.

I was speaking with Kathleen Wheller this week.  Her husband Rob recreated the technology for manufacturing the moulded vinyl crash pads filled with foam as used on TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, Spitfires, GT6, and MGB.  In the early 1980s, when TRF’s business was just getting started, Rob Wheller was figuring out how to make TR4, TR4A crash pads which were unavailable at that time.  Soon, the TR250 and TR6 pads were also discontinued by Triumph, and the original manufacturers in England either went out of business or went on to newer technologies.  For a long time, Rob was the only source, and all of the crash pads sold in the U.S. were produced by Rob’s little company in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been more than ten years now since Rob passed away, but he trained his wife to run his company, and she has upgraded it in many ways.  She also changed the name of the company to “Mad Dash” after Rob’s death, and her life has probably been a mad dash ever since, as she has worked to increase quality and production in her little company...

TRF has installed Mad Dash crash pads in as many as fifteen cars owned and driven by staff members, including John Swauger, Beki Jones, Dolly LaRock, Deb Gawlas, Brent Kettler, and myself, for periods of years and for hundreds of thousands of miles.  We have found that Mad Dash’s products far outlast original-equipment crash pads in our cars.  Kathleen has worked hard to maintain wonderful quality and to deliver all of the crash pads ordered by TRF and other companies around the country and around the world.  In a phone conversation this week, however, she described how a big company had visited her factory indicating a desire to purchase it.  Instead, they learned some of the methods developed by her husband years ago and went away to set up in competition with her.  Now, they are undercutting her prices, causing her to worry about the future.  She mentioned that TRF’s purchases were down by a couple of percent in 2016, and I want to insure that doesn’t happen again in 2017.  That is the reason I spent part of my week in producing the Micro Catalogue on Crash Pads for TR4, TR4A, TR250, and TR6—Other models will be covered in the weeks ahead.  I am providing the very best prices I can offer based on my costs from Kathleen.  I do not forget the years of friendship with Rob Wheller, and I want his products to remain available.  I will list the pads for MGB, Spitfire, and GT6 in the following weeks.  We are placing an order with Kathleen this weekend, and we will have lots of crash pads in stock in a couple of weeks.  If we are out of stock when you order, we will not be out very long.

I have been working on some of TRF’s web catalogues to help customers to find listings more easily.  This will mean that some catalogue files will start to open up to a “navigation page,” providing a classified listing of parts sections to allow you to move to specific sections with a couple of clicks.  The Web Site Special on “Cooling System” is set up in this fashion, and so is the TR2, TR3 Glove Box Catalogue.  We have also finished designing the Navigation Page for the TR250, TR6 Glove Box Catalogue, but it probably will not be posted on the web site until Wednesday, February 22nd (George Washington’s actual birthday).  If these Navigation Pages are found to be useful, they will be added to all of the other web files, including the two-volume TR6 catalogue.

By the way, TRF’s web catalogues do include a useful feature often missed by web site users.  All of the Glove Box Catalogues include a “drop-down index” at the top of the page.  You click on the first letter of the name of the item you wish to find, such as “B” for “Brakes.”  All of the index names starting with “B” then drop down, and you can click on the one you want.  If you have not noticed this feature, you may want to experiment with it next time you are on the site.  Catalogues written by John Swauger were very heavily indexed, and you might be surprised how easy it is to get to the page you are looking for.

So, you can see that I am coming to the end of a busy week.  I usually start working on Sundays, and I finish my TRF work by Friday morning.  This week was a really productive one.  On Friday evening and Saturday, I generally hang out at The Coventry Inn, enjoying live music and working with the kitchen staff to develop the menu.  I also run a lot of errands and socialize with the customers.  I try to rest a bit over the weekend to be ready for Sunday evening when I am nearly always back at TRF to see the weekend orders coming in from the internet.  Thank you for reading my newsletter.

I hope to hear from you again soon.

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
February 16, 2017

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