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WEEKEND SHIPPING DEAL—Free Shipping on Orders from the “Tune-up and Fix-up” Web Special and on Any Parts Shipped with Them.  To Qualify, Boxes Must Be Shipped to Addresses in the 48-States, and They May Not Be Oversize or Overweight—Deal Applies to Orders Received by 8:00 A.M. on Monday, April 24th, 2017

WEB SITE SPECIAL NO. 15.  “Tune-up and Fix-up”—Ignition Tune-up, Pertronix, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Oil Change, Fuel Pumps, Carb Repair, Universal Joints, Engine Mounts, and Fuse Boxes, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8, GT6, Spitfire, MGB—UPRATED IGNITION TUNE-UP KIT, TR3-TR6—Special Prices Begin Today and Last Two Weeks—Click on This Link for Access...

WEB SPECIAL NO. 16.  “SUPER SEAT BELT SALE, Inertia Reel Belts, Static Belts, Lap Belts,” TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8, GT6, Spitfire, MGB—SAVE $100.00 ON A PAIR OF INERTIA-REEL BELTS DURING ONE-WEEK SALE—This Deal Remains in Effect for One Week—Utilize This Link for Access...

Ends Next Friday...FEATURED MODEL SALE CATALOGUE, TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B—“Amazing Prices on a Long List of Popular Parts with Proven Quality”—Save 30%, 40%, 50% Off List Pricing on Parts You Can Use Now to Improve Your Car for the Driving and Car Show Season Ahead—Special Pricing Will Remain in Effect Until Friday, April 28th, 2017—Click on This Link to Access the 38-Page Catalogue Listing About Seven-Hundred Parts

TR2, TR3 GLOVE BOX COMPANION (PARTS CATALOGUE)—The Electrical Section Has Now Been Added, and All Sections Now Listed May Be Used for Ordering—Click on This Link to Browse the Catalogue, or Find the Icon for It by Scrolling Down the Home Page—Check out the new Navigation Page!

TR250, TR6 GLOVE BOX COMPANION (PARTS CATALOGUE)—New Prices Have Now Been Posted in the Web Version of the 340-Page Catalogue—The Pricing Has Not Changed Very Much—Paper Editions of the Catalogue With the Old Pricing Are Available for Free Upon Request—Good Parts Reference, Information, and Originality Manual—YES IT’S FREE!

BRITISH CAR CLUB EVENTS 2017—Please Provide Information for Your Event, and TRF Will Post It—Include What, When, Where, Web Site (If Available), and Contact Information.  Send to:—Thanks for New Dates Coming in Every Week...

TRF SUMMER PARTY 2017—We Will Stick to Our Traditional Dates, August 3, 4, and 5.  Cost Will Remain the Same as Last Year at $99.00 for One Person in One Car—Other Options Will Be Available.  Price Includes Driving Events, Car Show, Field Party with Picnic Feast, Event T-shirt and Lots More.  Camping on TRF Grounds Is Available, Hotel Rooms Will Be Blocked, and Everyone Will Have Fun Driving Cars, Eating, Drinking, and Socializing on Our Beautiful Farm and All Around the County—You Know, “The Usual Thing...”The Online Registration Form Is Posted Now, Or Print Out Our PDF Registration Form...

UPCOMING EVENT—“20th Annual Britain on the Green,” at Gunston Hall in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Hosted by The Capital Triumph Register.  Twenty-Five Classes for  Triumph, MG, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Rover, Rolls Royce, and Special Interest.  Visit the web page for more information: Spend Sunday, April 30th on the Grounds of Gunston Hall, Enjoy the Cars, and Make Some British Car Friends...

Dear TRF Customer,

Our friends in Northern Virginia are holding their annual Britain on the Green British Car Show at Gunston Hall in Fairfax County next Sunday (April 30th).  From the photos I have seen of events from other years, Springtime has hit in Northern Virginia, and the grounds of Gunston Hall, once a working plantation dating from colonial times, is really beautiful.  A full slate of events runs through the day, with a participant’s choice car show, food and drinks, and tours of Gunston Hall.

The Roadster Factory received an air freight shipment from England this week, but it did not include any made-to-order trim from the recent sale.  A second shipment flying this weekend does include a good shipment of trim, and we will be shipping it during the coming week.  The Triumph sun visors mentioned last time were in this week’s shipment, and we have lots in stock for the immediate future.

I worked this week on a Web Special offering special prices on Tune-up and Fix-up parts for springtime service as headlined above.  It includes the new section on uprated points, condensers, and rotors for TR3 to 1972 TR6.  The kit includes original Lucas two-piece points sets, probably packaged in the 1970s, along with uprated condensers, and the very best red rotors made by the original manufacturer.  It seems ironic that the world is trying to recreate original Lucas quality after decades of Lucas jokes.  Always loyal, I have never undervalued the contribution made by Lucas to the British car industry, and I would do anything to have them back.  Also kind ironic is the current trend back to using points-type distributors and learning to maintain and tune them.  I personally have driven my TR250 nine-thousand miles at a time on a points-type distributor without even having to adjust the points.

I went in for a routine check-up with my doctor a couple of weeks ago, and we got to talking about self-driving cars and British cars, two ends of a spectrum.  He was thinking that the charm of British cars will increase as technology takes modern cars further along that spectrum.  Many young people today do not know how to drive a standard gearbox, and quite a few would have difficulty even starting a TR3.  I do not want these skills to die, and I know they are valued by people like me around the world in the U.S., in England, in Europe, in Australia, and New Zealand.  Many other places as well, I hope to show these things to my grandchildren, Felix and Clyde as soon as they are old enough.  To enjoy the car with Felix is one reason, Simon is restoring our bugeye Sprite.  I have said it before and I will say it again now, “So people will remember that Glory still exists.”

Every year when I remember to do it, I like to offer a SUPER SEAT BELT SALE, with giveaway pricing to entice customers to replace their worn out belts with brand new.  This sale is offered in a Web Site Special as headlined above, and customers may save $100.00 on a pair of inertia-reel seat belts ($50.00 each off current “Your Price).  We sometimes sell hundreds of belts during this sale, and we will surely run out, but the manufacturer supplies them quickly, and any backorders will be filled within two or three weeks.

Speaking of ironies, Bob Pace of Jacksonville, Florida wrote to say that it is ironic that I mentioned it is almost “Top-Down Time Again” here in Western Pennsylvania.  He says summers in North Florida are Hell, and he will soon have to put his car away till autumn.  I say, “Thank God, there are places to drive British cars and buy parts when it is too cold here in the North.”  Bob has been a friend and customer for many years, and I appreciate that he stays in touch.

I was working on a web site special on Body Sheet Metal this week, but I didn’t get it finished in time for this weekend—it will surely be ready by next Friday.

Many thanks to customers, friends, and supporters everywhere.  I appreciate your business, your friendship, and your constructive criticism every day of my life.

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
April 21, 2017

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