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Dear TRF Customer-

We’ve made it through another week and it is Friday again.  There are a number of sales going on, including listings with great discounts on clutch, brake, and cooling parts for your Triumph or MGB.  With an added bonus of free shipping on orders over $100, I am hoping for a busy weekend of orders to get us off to a good start next week.  We have a shipment from the UK due in today too that has a number of trim items we’ve had on back order for customers, so March is going well at TRF so far.

I had several emails expressing interest in Herbert Hedberg’s TR3A and I’m sure he will find someone who has the time to put the work into it that it needs.  Despite having sat for a few decades, Bert’s car has some cool features, like a factory hard top and a neat valve cover.  I’m sure these things make it more attractive to buyers, but it is getting harder to find TR3s to restore in general and there are people out there looking for projects.  If you have a project you no longer have the time to complete, it might be worth listing it in the TRF Classified Section, which is free.  Or send me some pictures and I’ll try to fit them in to one of the weekly emails.

We are planning a memorial run for Charles in May.  This event seems to have developed organically and the date was decided upon well before I even heard about it.  I understand that, with Mother’s Day on Sunday, this is not a great weekend for some people.  At this point we are going to stick with it though, and I hope you can at least make it for the mountain tour on Saturday.

I do have some customer pictures I’d like to share with you.  Jeff Givens sent some pictures of himself and his TR3A competing in the Great American Mountain Rally Revival in the fall of 2018.  Jeff tells me the rally was on back roads in New England states, and it looks like he had some really nice fall weather for at least some of it.  Jeff bought his TR3A in 1969 and he has put nearly 400,000 miles on it since then.  If you’d like to see some pictures, you can take a look here.

Patrick Huckels sent me some pictures of his TR6, to which he has added some TR4 features, such as mahogany dash, gauges, fender beading, and top/boot configuration.  I recall helping Patrick get a special speedo cable made up soon after I first started working full-time at TRF so he could put a TR4 Speedometer in the car.  You can take a look at some pictures of Patrick’s TR6 here.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Please take a look at the specials and place an order if there is something you need.


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