“ALL SUMMER LONG”—Big Summer Sale Catalogue Listing Many Hundreds of Parts at Special Pricing.  This Is a Repost of Last Year’s Printed Catalogue, Except That It Has Been Repriced.  The Special Prices Start Today and Last Till September.  The New Navigation Has Been Applied, But It Still Needs to Be Perfected.  Try Experimenting with the Navigation to See How It Works.  Also Find a Drop-Down Alphabetic Index at the Top of Each Page, and You Can Browse the Catalogue If You Prefer—Click on This Link to Find the Catalogue...

INTRODUCTORY OFFER—Order From “All Summer Long” This Weekend, and Dolly Will Subtract an Additional 10% From the Sale Pricing in Your Parts Total —This Discount Will Be Applied After Your Order Is Received at TRF—This Deal Ends at 8:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 25th

BRITISH CAR CLUB EVENTS 2017—Please Provide Information for Your Event, and TRF Will Post It—Include What, When, Where, Web Site (If Available), and Contact Information.  Send to:—Thanks for New Dates Coming in Every Week...

TRF SUMMER PARTY 2017—August 3, 4, 5—Slalom/Gymkhana, Tulip Rallye, Mountain Tour, Seminars, Car Show, Field Party, and Much More.  Cost of Registration is $99.00 for One Person in One Car—Other Options Available—Charge Includes Event T-shirt and a Copy of “The Red Car,” by Don Stanford.  Other Extras to Be Announced—Hotel Rooms Are Blocked at “Park Inn,” Indiana, Penna. (Rooms Are $99.00 Per Night) and Less Expensive Options Are Available, Including Camping with Rough Facilities at The Roadster Factory—Use This Link for the Online Registration Form, Or Print Out and Mail or Fax In Our PDF Registration Form...  No Penalty for Late Registrations, BUT LAST DAY IS SUNDAY, JULY 23rd

Dear TRF Customer,

I can remember my mother saying, “There is no end to work in the world.”  That was true for me this week, as I spent as long as ten hours at a time sitting and pricing the parts listed in the Summer Sale Catalogue, “All Summer Long.”  Variations of this catalogue have been produced every summer at TRF, some printed and some posted on the web site.  To save paper and time this year, we are using last year’s catalogue, but pricing has been updated.  Part of the decision not to print again is a pallet of last year’s catalogues still in stock.  You may use your old catalogue if you kept it, or you may request a new one, but you will find current pricing in the version posted on the web site.

Because of the amount of work required just to post a catalogue with 150 pages and more than 250 catalogue sections, I did not get a chance to rewrite the introduction or to make some other edits, although I added some TR2, TR3 body sheet metal.  I will continue to work on this in the weeks ahead, although I must finish work on Summer Party and get ready to take a parts display to the VTR National Meet in Princeton, New Jersey two weeks after Summer Party.  For now, the big catalogue is usable, and it has a wealth of parts and great prices for customers to use.

Most Triumph enthusiasts know the word, Conrero.  The Triumph known as “the Conrero” was designed by Michelotti but built for Triumph in Italy by Conrero, a tuning company which worked with Alfas and Lancias and more recently with Lotus.  The Triumph Conrero was meant to replace the TRS models which had a successful year at LeMans in 1961.  After the Leyland takeover, however, Ken Richardson retired, and all of these projects were discontinued for a year or two until the advent of the Spitfire Coupes.  The Triumph Conrero was powered by a further development of the Sabrina twin-cam engine.

After the Leyland takeover, Triumph sent the four TRS cars and the Conrero to the U.S., where they did not accomplish much, and they were sold off, some actually showing up on used car lots in Florida, I have been told.  In the 1980s, John Ames of London rescued several of the cars, including the Conrero, and shipped them to his home near Heathrow Airport, spending all of his money preserving them for future use. This writer once visited the Conrero in one of John’s lock-up garages.  We moved a lot of stuff out of the way and pushed it out into the sunlight.  John was looking for ways to restore some of his cars—he had also owned a TRS and the Jabbeke TR2 which has now been fully restored as you read in this newsletter earlier this year.

Back in February, I learned that Graham Andrews had purchased the Conrero from John.  His magnificent Italia no doubt functioned as his credentials to John who would not have entrusted the car to anyone he did not believe in.  Graham Andrews has kindly kept me informed about his project, although he had kept it under wraps for a few months.  He has disassembled the car and begun restoration.  John Ames is very excited to work on the project, as he knows more about Sabrina engines than anyone, and he has one sitting in his lounge at home.

Graham Andrews has sent me a few photos of his project, and I will post most of them as Photos of the Week.  The photos include one of the car before disassembly, the chassis and body after disassembly, and several of the Sabrina engine in various states of disassembly.  I like the gearbox photo with the words “LeMans Car” still legible from when it was allocated at the factory.  Finally, there is a photo of Graham’s Italia which he emailed to me with the subject line, “One I Did Earlier.”  I am sure that TRF customers and friends will be interested to view these photos.  The Triumph Conrero has always generated a huge mystique.  It will be exciting to see it come alive again, and I will post photos from time to time that Graham Andrews may send to me.  I am sure that we will also find lots of coverage in classic car magazines.

Registrations for Summer Party must be in by Sunday night.  It will be fairly small this year, unless a huge number come in at the end.  There are enough cars and people to have a very good time.  The reason for the registration deadline is that we must know how much food to prepare and how much space we will need for the car show in front of The Coventry Inn on Friday night, August 4th.

I must say I am looking forward to the weekend this week.  We will serve Afternoon Tea to locals at The Coventry Inn on Friday, being open just enough this summer to preserve our license for Summer Party and beyond.  Over the weekend, I plan to run the Mountain Tour and the Tulip Rallye we are planning for Summer Party in my TR3A.  I am looking forward to some fresh air and wind in my face.  I hope you are doing the same.

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
July 20, 2017


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