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Dear TRF Customer,

Hello again from Karen Border in the Publications Department at The Roadster Factory!  Many of you know me from the Summer Parties.  I am the lady walking around with a camera in her hands and in front of her face, (but only when I am not walking), and taking loads of photographs of all the fun times. 

Photography is one of the fun parts of my job here at TRF.  I get to take pictures of all the fun and memorable moments, people, and cars.  Other things that I get to photograph are the great parts we sell.  Charles was always very proud of the parts he sold at The Roadster Factory and I can remember him asking me to take photos of part number 850323.  This is the right-hand, inner door seal for Triumph TR4, TR4A, TR250, and TR6.  He instructed me to make sure that the shiny edge bead showed up in the photographs.  Charles worked diligently with TRF’s manufacturer to get these door seals exactly right, to look and perform like the original seals.  Here is what he said about the inner and outer door seals:

“The seals sold by The Roadster Factory are not the same ones you find elsewhere.  Our outer door seals are made of better rubber, and they are not as crinkly.  Our inner door seals are better too, with the shiny edge bead as original, while others have a black fabric upper edge.  And yes, our outer seals come with metal backing strips.  Believe it or not, I have been told that customers have purchased seals that did not have the metal backings.  I have no idea how they were expected to fit them to their cars.  Ours attach with the original clips still made in England by the original manufacturer.  TRF staff really tries hard to get things right, and we are old enough to remember what that is...”

I was thinking about these seals, because we have Rubber Seals on sale until this Friday, and you can use this link to find listings for 850323 and for all of our other seals.  I am also going to include the photos I took of 850323 as one of our Photos of the Week so you can clearly see the quality and originality that went into this seal, which is typical of the parts TRF arranges to have manufactured.

We have several other Photos of the Week for you to enjoy today.  Bud Osbourne sent some emails to Albert that included photos of the younger generation getting involved with British Sports Cars.  Some of the photos feature Bud’s son, Alec, when he was young.  Bud says Alec is now 34.  The first photo is of Alec posing with “The Grape,” as Bud named that car.  The next photo is of Alec in a 1972 Midget.  Third photo is of Alec and Courtney cleaning the transmission of a 1973 Midget.  The following photos are Alec on his wedding day, and Alec and Kelsey in the MGA.  The last photo is of some charming young girls sitting in his MGA.  You can view all of the photos here and also on Facebook and Instagram.

Last week, Dennis Pettit posted a comment to the TRF Facebook page and shared two photos of his TR6.  He says, “Love seeing your emails and very impressed by the social media efforts; here’s my TR6.”  I commented on how beautiful the paint colour of the car was and asked if the interior of the car was Shadow Blue.  Dennis replied, “Yes it is, from your good selves! The paint color is a slight cheat, it’s a Lotus Car blue with a little metallic, very close to the original dark blue. It also has a TRF rebuilt motor, new dash etc. etc.”  Thank you Dennis for sharing your car to our Facebook page!  You can see his photos on our third Photos of the Week page.

Mark Laura also shared some photos of his 1975 TR6 to Facebook last week. He had recently completed a suspension rebuild on it and wanted to thank TRF for the parts he had used.  “I have to thank the Roadster Factory. My TR6 thanks you too! My rear suspension rebuild went great! My car sits much better! Much better stance, rear is level now and the ride is great!! I like being a member and love all the parts I’ve received from TRF! Thanks! (Picture with top down is the old rear stance...) Some say the rear may be a bit high... I like it!”  Then this Monday, Mark posted another photo of his TR6, “As of today,” he commented.  Mark also reports that the car is settling a little bit and is no longer quite as high in the back.  I am sure he will get a lot of compliments on the car.  You can see all of his photos on our fourth Photos of the Week web page!

For our last Photos of the Week, Forrest Struss sent Albert some photos of his cars and a very nice note in the email:

Dear Albert,

Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, or your family, or visiting The Roadster Factory, you have supplied me with parts and the greatest customer service for many years. I have enjoyed driving many beautiful British Roadsters dating back to 1966 when I bought a 1956 TR3. Unfortunately, it was involved in an accident. Over the years, while living in Southern California, Northern Michigan, and now, Arizona, I have been fortunate to own ten different Triumphs, MGA’s, and one MG Midget. All of my cars have gone to new owners to enjoy. I am sending pictures of my 1956 TR3 (after the accident), a 1959 TR3, and a couple of my TR4’s. I hope you and your readers will enjoy.

Forrest Struss
Buckeye, Arizona

Thanks to Bud and Forrest for sending us their photos, and to Dennis and Mark for sharing their cars to our Facebook page! Please note that all of these Photos of the Week may be viewed on our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, @roadsterfactory, #roadsterfactory.

I hope you can get out and drive your British Sports Car this week, and don’t forget to check out the TRF Event Listing page.  There are a lot of events happening this coming weekend, and maybe one of them will be in your area. 

Karen Border
TRF Publications

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