SWEETENER—Order $200.00 by Sunday Night, Regular Pricing and Sale Pricing, and Dolly Will Deduct an Additional $22.00 from Your Parts Total

LAST ISSUE OF THE SEASON—“Baker’s Dozen”–Special Double Issue Lists Many Popular Parts at Strictly Half-off List Pricing—Twenty-Six Mini Catalogue Sections —Special Pricing Begins Today and Ends at 8:00 A.M. on Friday, September 22nd, 2017—Click Here to Access HALF-OFF PRICING

Ends Next Friday, September 22nd, 2017

“ALL SUMMER LONG”—Big Summer Catalogue Listing Many Hundreds of Parts for TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8, Spitfire, GT6, MGB.  Repost of Last Summer’s Catalogue with New Navigation, New Pricing, and some New Parts.  Sale Prices Are Good Till the First Day of Autumn—Click on This Link to Find the Catalogue...

SEMI-ANNUAL TRIM SALE BEGINS, AUTUMN 2017—A New Section Will Be Added Each Week—Please Click on the Respective Link to Access the Desired Catalogue Section...

•  Part One.  “Carpet Sets and Trunk Mats,” TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8, Spitfire, GT6, MGB—Save Approximately 20%—Special Pricing Begins September 15, 2017

TRF CAR CLUB BENEFIT FOR SEPTEMBER—Free Ignition Wire Set When You Place an Order Valued at $75.00—Yes, You May Use Your $25.00 Monthly Coupon Too—Please See Your Monthly Coupon (Orange) or Your Email for Part Numbers...The Part Numbers in Your Email are Links That Will Add Your Choice of Ignition Wire Set to Your Shopping Cart.  You May Also Find the Part Number Links by Visiting the TRF Car Club Web Page.

NOW IN STOCK—Brand New Copies of “The Red Car,” a Book by Don Stanford Are Now in Stock—The Story of How Hap Adams Purchased a Wrecked MG-TC, Restored It Against His Father’s Wishes, and Learned How to Drive It—Part No. RFP800 at $15.00 Each.  Buy One Now to Read or to Hand on to Your Teenage Children or Grandchildren...

BRITISH CAR CLUB EVENTS 2017—Please Provide Information for Your Event, and TRF Will Post It—Include What, When, Where, Web Site (If Available), and Contact Information.  Send to:—Thanks for New Dates Coming in Every Week...

Starts Thursday...

TRIUMPHEST—The Major Triumph Event in the West, September 21st-24th at “Little America” in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Search Under “Triumphest 2017” for More Information—Charles Will Attend from TRF with Dan Compston and Dan Mabon and a Parts Display...

This Coming Week...

6-PACK TRIALS 2017—TR6 Club National Meet, Hershey, Pa., Sept. 21st-23rd.—Welcome Dinner, Poker Run, Tech Session, Car Show at Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, Mountain Tour, Awards Banquet—Search Under “6-pack trials 2017” for More Information

Dear TRF Customer,

I will be away for ten days starting on Sunday.  Therefore, I worked hard all week to leave plenty of promotions to use while I am away.  I compiled a double issue of “Baker’s Dozen,” and this issue will be the last one of the season.  This issue of “Baker’s Dozen” contains twenty-six catalogue sections, and very little has been repeated from earlier issues posted in 2017.  Because it is a long issue and because I will be away, this issue will remain in effect till next Friday morning.

As it has been six months, it is time to begin the Semi-Annual Trim Sale.  Because of the large number of price changes that must be made on our old IBM mainframe and on the internet for the trim sale, the trim sections will be posted one at a time with a new one every week till all are ready for use.  It has always been my thought that staggering the sections in this fashion also provides time for customers to consider their purchases and a way to place several smaller orders rather than one large one, possibly making the overall expenditure easier on the household budget.

Regarding TRF’s trim components, I can truthfully state that they are the best you will find, as we manufacture some components in-house at The Magic Carpet Factory and we work specifically with our other manufacturers to get the quality and originality we want.  If you want to build a concours winner or even if you just want your car to look like it did when it was picked up at the dealer, TRF trim is what you should use, and during the semi-annual trim sale, you can buy our components for less than you would pay elsewhere for parts that may not be as good.  Most of our trim is made to order for each customer, and some custom details can be provided.  Delivery of parts sewn in England will take about six weeks.  That is why the autumn sale is beginning now, so you will have all components available for completing work during the winter season here in the northern hemisphere.

TRF’s big summer catalogue, entitled “All Summer Long,” has provided good sales for us since June, but the special pricing listed in that catalogue ends on Friday, September 22nd, the first day of Autumn.  May I suggest that you scan through this reference one more time before the catalogue comes down from the web site.  This might be time well spent.

I had got psyched about Ian Fleming’s James Bond thriller, “Moonraker” last week, and I spent much of Wednesday’s newsletter reviewing a book first published in the 1950s, possibly not too weird a thing to do for enthusiasts of cars first sold forty, fifty, sixty years ago.  In fact, James Bond shows that he is a classic car enthusiast himself in the book, as he drives a supercharged 4.5 litre Bentley.  Bond comes by his taste in cars directly from the author who drove a similar car in the 1950s, more than twenty years after it was first built.  After I wrote the newsletter, I happened to think that I own a framed copy of a “Life” magazine cover from October 1966 when the movie of “Moonraker” was first released.  The framed cover was a present from John Swauger and his wife Cathy many years ago, and it has hung in The Coventry Inn ever since.  I brought it down to TRF this evening for scanning to become one of our “Photos of the Week.”

My reference to “Moonraker” elicited a number of emails from readers, including one from our regular correspondent in Colorado, Dale Will.  Dale gets to do a lot of cool stuff in his job and in his personal life, and he is very good at recording them with wonderful photos.  This time, Dale sent a photo of his TR3A with several LeMans Bentleys which he had escorted to the summit of Independence Pass during the Colorado Grand, a one-thousand-mile event for cars made before 1961 such as the priceless Bentleys in Dale’s photo.  I also appreciated all of the other notes I received short and long.  James Bond continues to hold a good amount of fascination for many.  As I more than intimated last time, I believe there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from reading the books.  I have also wished for BBC productions of some of the titles which would stick to Fleming’s stories, including the vintage settings, cars, clothing, etc., but I do not begrudge anyone his or her enjoyment of the popular movies...

I will be leaving home on Sunday afternoon to begin my trip to Flagstaff for Triumphest, allowing myself plenty of time to arrive there sometime on Wednesday, when I will meet Dan Mabon and Dan Compston to set up a display of parts for Triumphest.  I am looking forward to seeing my friends there and to having a good time.  I also enjoy a long road trip, even in a parts van.  Deb Gawlas will write the newsletters till I am back home.  You will hear directly from me again on the 29th.  I hope you have a good couple of weeks.

Your friend,
Charles A. Runyan
The Roadster Factory
September 14, 2017

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